A bottle of wine with modern taste and recyclable at 99%

A 100% natural stopper made of cork and beeswax. (Origine by Diam)

The absence of capsules is also a choice to reduce the environmental impact of our wines, because capsules are generally made of aluminum, tin or plastic.

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Château des Trois Sautets - White Wine

The white is elegantly produced with captivating and complex aromas. 

Perfect to enjoy with seafood and our Rôve bushes

Château des Trois Sautets - Rosé Wine

A gastronomic rosé that will amaze your olfactory sense and sufficiently structured in the mouth to be enjoyed with generous dishes (Grill, Fish)

Château des Trois Sautets - Red Wine

A red with a splendid color, purple with ruby reflections.
An open and fresh nose, with aromas of raspberry and fresh strawberry.
On the palate, discover a beautiful length, enveloping with a slightly vanilla finish and toasted by the barrel.