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In the heart of our Palettes appellation vineyard, the history of wine blends harmoniously with commitment to the environment. Each bottle we present is the fruit of an infinite passion for the art of viticulture, anchored in a deep respect for the nature that surrounds us.

Our pride lies in creating a wine that transcends flavors, capturing the very essence of our terroir. Beyond the sensory experience, we are committed to shaping a product that embodies sustainability. Our bottle, delicate and refined, is not only the receptacle of our exceptional wines, but also a declaration of intent for an environmentally friendly future.

The first innovation manifests itself in the bottle itself, designed to be recyclable at 99%. Each tasting thus becomes an act of environmental responsibility, a tribute to the earth which gives us so much. The stopper, signed “Origine by Diam”, adds a touch of authenticity with its natural composition of cork and beeswax, offering uncompromising protection to our exceptional wines.

The deliberate absence of capsule is part of our overall approach to reducing the ecological footprint. While traditional capsules are often made from aluminum, tin or plastic, our eco-friendly choice helps minimize our impact on the planet. Every detail counts in our quest for a perfect balance between the art of winemaking and respect for nature.

By tasting our wines, you not only become a witness to our history, but also an active participant in our commitment to a sustainable future. Join us in celebrating the exquisite intersection of wine and environmental responsibility at [Name of your winery]. To yours, and to the preservation of our planet.