Handicraft work

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The vineyard is in the last year of conservation towards Organic farming, from the 2021 vintage, all our wines will be certified Organic.

It is a belief that we have all chosen to embrace. The key word is to work as responsibly as possible with respect to the environment.


The layout of the vineyard (in terraces) obliges us to find manual work for most of the activities:

  • weeding with a pickaxe between rows,
  • Cord cutting from Royat,
  • disbudding,
  • topping and leaf stripping

Each restanque is separated from the other by “embankments”. We enhance them by letting them vegetate in order to create what we call "country hedges" in which a whole natural ecosystem has been able to develop, favorable to the development of the vines.

A symbiosis

We have developed a complementarity between goat and wine activity. 

Our goats graze in the vines during the winter season, which helps to maintain the vines naturally, and to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible. We also reuse goat manure as a natural fertilizer.

Over time, nature has come back to life in our plots, and today we find all kinds of insects (ladybugs, bees, bumblebees, etc.)

Our goal is to create a reasoned cultivation method.  

An adapted material

For row maintenance, we use a tractor little used in Provence: the chaser.

This is a much lower tractor and equipped with tracks, which allows us to work in complete safety but also reduces soil damage. However, it takes more time because these machines are slower than ordinary tractors.